About Us

Plastic Welding Equipment And Tools

Founded in 2005, Shanghai Suyu Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic welding equipment and tooling manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service. 

Our products include ultrasonic welding machine, hot plate welding machine, rotary friction welding machine, hot riveting welding machine, infrared wire welding machine, laser welding machine and automatic assembly welding detection line.

We are located in Shanghai with convenient transportation. We have our own manufacturing plant and four subsidiaries in China.We have established a branch office in India and a service department in Brazil.Our company is committed to strict quality control and considerate customer service. 

Our plastic welding equipment and fixture are exported to Poland, India, Brazil and other many countries. Whether you choose your current product from our catalog or seek engineering assistance for your application, you can consult our customer service center for your purchase requirements.

At present, our company has launched the application and research and development of diversified plastic welding technology. Under the guidance of this spirit, we will further extend the application of various forms of plastic welding technology, and integrate the assembly, welding and testing technology of plastic products into an automatic, intelligent and flexible production line with error proofing and tracking functions. 

We constantly improve to make the equipment or production line more safe, stable and efficient. At the same time, we are in design and use more environmentally and friendly, reduce emissions and reduce waste of resources. We strive to create products that meet customer requirements, and continue to improve, value for money.


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